There are few things as important as our children’s education. Many of us choose to live on the Palos Verdes Peninsula because we want our children to attend great schools. But unfortunately, the cost of giving our children the best education exceeds the amount of money funded by the state. That is why our kids need you!

Pledge Day is here to show your commitment to our children and schools now, but pay when and how it works best for your family. Monthly and quarterly payment plans are available using your credit card. Or if you prefer to pay by check, we can send you a reminder by mail. JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT! And be sure to add your corporate matching gift too!

Make a pledge on or before September 20, 2023 to donate a specific amount to PEF during this school year(All pledges must be paid by June 30.) Your donation fills the gap between an adequate and excellent education. CLICK HERE TO PLEDGE OR DONATE!